Wire for medical applications using the latest State-of-the-Art technology

United Wire draws on decades of experience to create the highest quality wire for medical applications. We are able to shape a wide variety of medical grade alloys such as stainless alloys, nickel alloys and cobalt alloys.
Every batch of shaped wire is custom made to our customer’s unique requirements. Our team of experts is happy to collaborate with your team to ensure we meet all of your specifications.

Flat & Rectangle Wire as Small as .002” x .005”

Tolerances as Tight as +/-.0001

Smallest Square .016” x .016”

Precision Layer Wound Packaging Available

Automated Inspection of Crucial Dimensions

Grades 304V & 316LVM

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Stainless Steel

304 | 304V | 304L | 304LV | 316 | 316L |316LVM

Other materials Available Upon Request

Common Applications

Stents | Catheters | Mechanical Springs | Suture Passes | Guidewires | Endoscopy Devices | Neurovascular Devices | Endovascular Devices | Orthodontic Devices | Stone Retrieval Baskets

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