Made in flat, square or specialty shaped profiles per your requirements.

United Wire can provide specialty shaped wire for your unique application. Our expects will work with your team to create the perfect wire profile in the ideal grade for your project requirements. Copper and copper alloys are known mainly for having a high thermal and electrical conductivity. Other elements such as zinc, nickel, or tin can be added to copper to change some of the characteristics, such as increased strength.
United Wire can provide all copper alloys in flat wire, square wire, and shaped wire.
All tempers are offered, from fully annealed up to spring temper.

Selection of the ideal grade of copper depends on the end use or application. Some of the popular grades of copper are the following:

This is pure copper, with CDA 102 being the oxygen free copper. These grades of copper are known for good corrosion resistance and solderability. The main markets would be electrical applications and automotive.

These are different grades of brass. Zinc is the main element that is added to copper the make these grades. CDA 260 is mainly used in fasteners, connectors, and electrical components.

This is a copper alloy made of up copper, tin, and phosphorus. These alloys have good solderability, strength, and formability. Common applications would be springs, fasteners, and electrical applications.

This is compromised of copper, nickel, and tin. This alloy has excellent corrosion resistance and solderability. End products include electronic connectors, pins, springs, & terminals.

This contains copper, 18% nickel, and zinc. CDA 752 is used in jewelry, eyeglass frames, springs, & connectors.

Temper & Hardness Classifications


  • Annealed
  • Quarter Hard
  • Half Hard
  • Hard Temper
  • Extra Hard
  • Spring Temper
  • Extra Spring Temper


  • Commercially Soft
  • One Numbers Hard
  • Two Numbers Hard
  • Four Numbers Hard
  • Six Numbers Hard
  • Eight Numbers Hard
  • Ten Numbers Hard


Spools – Reels

<1 lb to 1,000 lbs

Oscillated Coils

from 50 lbs up to 1,000 lbs

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