A Customer-Centric Approach to Shaped Wire:

United Wire Blends Big Mill Capability with a Personalized Approach

United Wire Company is a leading manufacturer of flat, square, and custom-shaped wire based in  North Haven, CT, USA.

Our experts draw on decades of experience to produce your specified profile from a wide variety of metals- from stainless and carbon steel, to aluminum, copper, nickel and cobalt alloys.

We are committed to meeting your material requirements while providing a reliable, responsive customer service that you can count on. Our customers are our top priority! All it takes is one order to see the United Wire difference.

With our competitive pricing, excellent quality and fast delivery you will find a true partner in United Wire.

It is our honor and our pleasure to serve you.


Bob Swanson Jr., President

United Wire Honors our late founder and former President Edward E. “Bud” Laird, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, WWII.