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Custom Profile & Tooling Development

United Wire custom manufactures flat and shaped wire to each customer’s unique requirements. We start the process by understanding the desired shape, tolerance and end-use of the wire, before recommending a custom solution.

We believe in a providing excellent service and a complete solution to our customers; that’s why our tooling specialists custom design & cut the tooling required for each job free of charge.

Custom tooling made in house

Wire undergoing an annealing process


When wire is worked during the rolling or shaping process, it causes changes to the grain structure of the material. Aspects such as ductility and hardness can be impacted.

United Wire uses an annealing process to relieve the internal stresses created by cold work, re-softening the wire to the final desired properties or bringing it to state that would allow it to continue being shaped.

  • Strand & batch annealing capabilities
  • Inert gas available
  • Offering 1,000 lb. continuous annealed lengths with NO welds


United Wire Company is proud to offer flat, square and shaped wire in a wide variety of alloys, including the following. Click on any alloy family to learn more:

Stainless Steel

Carbon Alloys

Copper Alloys

Cobalt Alloys

Nickel Alloys



Spools – Reels

<1 lb to 1,000 lbs

Oscillated Coils

from 50 lbs up to 1,000 lbs


When it comes to shaped wire, we know quality that you can count on is imperative. Click below to view our quality certifications