Flat Wire Manufacturing
With over 50 years of experience, United Wire Company, Inc. has grown to become one on the specialists in manufacturing Flat Wire. Our Flat Wire is available in many alloys and is produced in multiple edge classifications such as; Square Edges, Rounded/Broken Corners, Natural Rounded Edges and Full Rounded Edges.

Flat Wire: Advantages
Specialty and Custom Edges
Small to Large Width Shaped Wire sizes
Close Dimensional Tolerances
Burr Free

Flat Wire: Shapes & Sizes
Edges Available:
Square Edges
Rounded/Broken Corners
Natural Rounded Edges
Full Rounded Edges
Smallest Width Shaped Wire: .020"
Largest Width Shaped Wire: .750"

Flat Wire: Edges Available

Flat Wire Manufacturing
No. 1 Edge
A Smooth, uniform, round or square edge, either slit or filed or slit and edge rolled as specified, width tolerance +- .005".

No. 2 Edge
A natural round mill edge carried through from the hot rolled band. Has not been slit, filed, or edge rolled. Tolerances not closer than hot-rolled strip limits.

No. 3 Edge
Square, produced by slitting only. Not Filed. Width tolerances close.

No. 4 Edge
A round edge produced by edge rolling either from a natural mill edge or from slit edge strip. Not as perfect as No. 1 Edge. Width tolerances liberal.

No. 5 Edge
An approximately square edge produced by slitting and filing or slitting and rolling to remove burr.

No. 6 Edge
A square edge produced by square edge rolling, generally from square edge hot-rolled occasionally from slit strip. Width tolerances and finish not as exacting as No. 1 Edge.



Stainless Steels:

300 Series, 400 Series, 17.7 PH,
Nitronic 32, A-286

Nickel Bases:

Nickel 200, Nickel 201, Nickel 205,
Montel 400, K-500, Inconel
600, 601, 625, 718, X-750, 800

Copper Bases:

CDA 102 Copper, 110 Copper,
172 Beryllium Copper, 220 Bronze,
226 Brass, 220 Brass, 360 Brass,
510 PH. Bronze, 725 Cupro-Nickel,
745 Nickel-Silver, 752 Nickel-Silver

Carbon Steel:

C1006 to C1085, CHR Silicon, CHR
Vanadium, OTMB, Galvanized

1350, 3003, 5000 Series, 6000